Update #5: Putting it all back together

Conceptualization Retreat #2

A second two-day retreat was held on September 19 & 20 on the Parnassus campus to discuss important design themes that have emerged throughout the process thus far. The retreat was also used to test several overarching layout concepts for the future Child, Teen & Family Center and Department of Psychiatry Building.

On the first day of the retreat, the design team presented models with differing layout strategies to each of the four working groups and asked them to review the efficacy of the design. These models used concepts which had previously been discussed—and some that had not—to challenge team members' assumptions about the building and how it could be laid out. Among the variations tested were:

  • Designs that blended patients by age across the entire building or segregated them by floor
  • Designs which placed all clinical and non-clinical operations on opposites sides of the building or restricted them to dedicated floors
  • Designs that grouped clinical areas around a central atrium in the building's core or placed them around the perimeter
  • Designs with differing entry points for visitors and employees, including options on each of the three streets adjacent to the building and some featuring entry points on multiple levels
  • Designs placing the building's atrium on a north-south or east-west axis

Again, each team analyzed the theoretical flow of traffic in their assigned models to see how patients, non-clinical visitors, trainees, and staff might move throughout the building over the course of a typical day. They were also asked to gauge their design's impact on collaboration, efficiency, and security.

The following day, the groups gathered around their models and were given the freedom to tear them apart and rebuild them as they saw fit. Several of the groups did just that, eliminating their design's new concepts in favor of previously discussed schemes, while other groups incorporated the new design ideas with a few tweaks and refinements. At the end of the day, each group presented its finished concept to the others, explaining how and why they had come to the decisions they made about the building's layout.

Groups working on building mock-ups

One of the building mock-ups

Groups working on building mock-ups

Groups working on building mock-ups

Groups working on building mock-ups

Next steps

The design team will take the feedback collected during this retreat and combine it with the data from previous meetings to identify key elements and ideas which will inform the building's design. Each of the partner groups will hold meetings to review the status of the project in their particular areas before the next retreat is held later in the fall.