Update #4: Breaking it all down

Conceptualization Subgroup Meetings

Group meeting

In late August, select department members and stakeholders were invited to one of several subgroup meetings held at Langley Porter. Each meeting focused on a specific floor of the future Child, Teen & Family Center and Department of Psychiatry Building, using common themes found in each of the four teams' concept models from early August retreat as a starting point for the floor-by-floor design. 

Participants were asked to take a more thorough look at the design opportunities and challenges created by the elements chosen for their respective floor and create a layout that maximized efficiency, security, convenience, and other factors. They were also tasked with analyzing building occupant flows once again to see if their layouts could be adjusted further to reduce travel distances or create population separations where appropriate.

Next steps

The design team will use the ideas generated from these subgroup meetings to further refine their concepts for the new building and present them to participants at the next conceptualization retreat.